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Low cost top-quality Posters - PR Culture - The national mascot - the Coqui Poster Printify
Low cost top-quality Posters - PR Culture - The national mascot - the Coqui Poster Printify

Low cost top-quality Posters - PR Culture - The national mascot - the Coqui

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Low cost top-quality Posters - PR Culture  - The national mascot - the Coqui

The coqui is a small humble frog that sings at night - co-keee,
and we in PR learned to see that as a voice of Nature and
part of our heritage. 

Authors Note - raul:

In deep parts of El Yunque and other large forests after
dusk or after a rain at night, the power of the symphony 
of coquies and frogs is truly an experience -
totally overwhelming and awesome.

Cost of Developments: With the ongoing uncontrolled
development of PR, which is basically destroy all
and put cement and grass there, the coqui has many
subspecies  in danger.

The Dr. Joglar website below reports that at the time
60% are in danger and 18% of coqui's subspecies have
disappeared. A deep attitude, educative and cultural
change is needed in PR to reduce this progression of
seeing Nature as an enemy.

-- end of note

The coquí is a very popular creature throughout the island
and enlivens the evenings with its timid ko-kee from which
it get its name. The coquies begin to sing when the sun
goes down at dusk, singing all night long until dawn.

The male coquí sings, not the female.

You can find the coquí nearly everywhere, from the margins
of the forests where the areas receive large amounts of
moisture, in highlands, lowlands, dry and arid places,
even in caves depending on the species.

The coquí has been a cultural symbol of Puerto Rican
history for centuries. Since the time of our native
Taino inhabitants and its presence shown on many stone
engravings to the present and all the places and objects
you will find this symbol represented.

It has become a national symbol and an icon for
anything Puerto Rican. When Puerto Ricans want to
express their nationality, they say:

"Soy de aquí como el coquí"
(I'm as Puerto Rican as a coquí).

Note - raul: Ironically, in Hawaii  Puerto Ricans were
taken there in the 1900s to harvest sugarcane, and seems
some took the coqui with them. Now some or most
Americans there have the attitude the the coqui
song is a pest and they are trying to destroy the
species at any cost! Attitude is everything...
(Hawaii is at the same distance from the equator as PR)

Image credits:
Dr. Rafael L. Joglar, UPR


Note: Please inform us of any suggested events or person you believe should be
included in this section of PR History and major events - we surely have
missed many. Help us to have a fair coverage of our history! Our contact email:
raul@recordandoyunque.store with heading  like 'PR history - suggested events'

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About the poster:

.: 264 gsm fine art paper
.: Multiple sizes
.: For indoor use

Image credit: Wikipedia, web or Pinterest sources.

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