Faux Suede Square Pillow - Unique REMOTE Mona Island - WARNING - Large – E-A-S-Y-HOME-DECOR
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Faux Suede Square Pillow - Unique REMOTE Mona Island - WARNING - Large cactus! - Puerto Rico. - Yunque Store
Faux Suede Square Pillow - Unique REMOTE Mona Island - WARNING - Large cactus! - Puerto Rico. - Yunque Store

Faux Suede Square Pillow - Unique REMOTE Mona Island - WARNING - Large cactus! - Puerto Rico.

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YOU CAN Have Low-cost unique displays of remote unspoiled BEAUTY AT YOUR HOME OR OFFICE – but how?

With Top-Quality USA-Made PILLOWS of course! With sharp designs to take you out of this world…

We also provide multiple pillow types for any budget, need or size YOU need.

You house or office will be the talk of the town, friends and neighbors jealous of your good taste!


FEATURING: Unique REMOTE Mona Island - Galapagos of the Caribbean – Puerto Rico.

SPECIAL EDITION: This quality sharp-design technology are created in 3 days in NC USA by MWW On Demand.

MWW use a wide variety of dye sublimation and direct to fabric print machinery that utilizes the industry's best water-based pigment inks.

These can also be combined with matching canvas prints and other items for an awesome and unique home-decor …



We at Yunque.store spent months exploring the deepest rainforest and also the driest Islands for YOU.

Here is the Atlantic coastline from Pajaros beach - with a view of the old Lighthouse and the flat plateau.

This time there was a brown alga in the coast and beaches, so we have some special effects due to this!

During the cloudless night with no moon one can see the entire Milky Way clearly!


PHOTOGRAPHY: Unique images of remote locations 50 miles from two nearby Islands - PR and DR.

New Nikon 850D camera - 45MP - FULL RESOLUTION images by forest/island explorer Raul Garcia of

www.yunque.store. Also available remote El Yunque Rainforest full resolution images from PR.



Only 4 people live on the island (guards etc.) were there is no electricity, water or telecommunications.

BEACHES - Mostly inaccessible due to cliffs or remoteness - about 5 awesome beaches.

CAVES - about 100, many connected or next to another system of caves.

Some are in the interior and most along the wall of the 17 km island.

The Island is about 7x4 km in size, mostly flat limestone. Very hot and arid landscape

The limestone reflects the sun and heat and makes it a very hot during the day.


Land cover:

1) Cactus (4.35 square miles) (11.27 km square). Rainfall is 35 inches/year.

2) Highland Dry Forest (15.55 square miles) (40.28 km square)

3) Central Depression Dry Forest (0.57 square miles) (1.47 km square)

4) Coastal Dry Forest (1.46 square miles) (3.77 km square)


About the Faux Suede Square Pillow:

 .: 100% Faux suede cover

.: Double sided print

.: Concealed zipper
.: Polyester pillow included

The features of faux suede

1. Unique style

The reflective point of faux suede is small, the color is very soft. The smaller fiber bending stiffness makes the fabric has a smooth effect. The core layer are thick-fiber high shrinkage yarns, which give the fabric excellent drapability and unique visual comfort.

2. Excellent comfort

The fabric has good water absorption and oil absorption. The microporous structures between the fabric allows for more static air in the fabric, so that can obtain better warmth. The extremely fine fibers make the fabric soft and smooth and it has obvious advantages in terms of touch and physiological comfort.

3. Significant waterproof and vapor permeability

Usually, the diameter of the raindrop is between 100 and 200 microns and the water vapor of the human body is about 0.1 micron. By controlling the shrinkage rate and changing the proper fiber gap, it can be woven into sea-island high-density fabrics with a gap of only 0.2 to 10 μm to achieve excellent waterproof and vapor permeability.

4. Strong decontamination ability

The microfiber has a large surface area and a large number of voids and those factors make the fabric has a strong cleaning function.

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