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DIGITAL Downloads

These products cover a variety of awesome items:

We do not try to limit your sharing of these files, and so we give you a LICENSE to share two copies of them with friends and family or associates!

Most of these products images are from top of the line Nikon Cameras.

1. Slideshows as EXE files - with hundreds of hi-resolution images of the rainforest. Note: exe files will trigger some negative messages from virus or windows checks since these are not registered programs - but they are fine. They are build via a image-processing program from hundreds of forest images.

In this way we can let you have a huge collection of top quality images, some even before Hurricane Maria decimated El Yunque in 2017 - historical footage!

2. Quality videos of the forest - of the real forest, not people in the forest!

3. Time lapse series - videos from sequences of hi-resolution images